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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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Service Bulletins

PLEASE NOTE: As a convenience to our customers, Wisdom Rides of America makes available selected bulletins for rides designed and manufactured by other ride designers or manufacturers who are no longer operating.

Wisdom Rides of America is not the manufacturer of these rides. The bulletins are being issued in the interest of avoiding a potential problem on rides whose manufacturer is no longer in business. These bulletins are in the interest of safety and should in no way be construed as Wisdom Rides of America assuming the role of manufacturer of these rides.

Service Bulletins

Sorted by Release Date

Avalanche / Moby Dick / Genesis (7/29/2019)
Sizzler (Full-Size Models) (5/29/2018)
Dragon Wagon (5/22/2018)
Family Coasters (5/22/2018)
Orient Express (5/22/2018)
Gravitron (ALL MODELS) (2/15/2018)
Includes Gravitron, Starship (all), Alien Abduction, Centrifuge, etc.
Arctic Circle (7/20/2007)
Tornado (1/6/2007)
Aladin / Magic Carpet (2/7/2006)
Gee Whiz (2/7/2006)
Laser Ship (11/1/2005)
Raiders (1/5/2004)
Space Sled (3/31/2003)
Whirlwind (3/31/2003)
Twizzler (10/30/2002)
Family Himalaya (4/22/2002)
Silver Streak (4/22/2002)
Himalaya (Adult) (6/22/2001)
Clatterpillar (2/10/2000)
Go-Gator (2/10/2000)
Miner Mike (2/4/2000)
Family Sizzler (3/14/1997)
Ferris Wheel (3/1/1995)
Jolly Choo Choo (7/8/1993)
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