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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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The Gravitron will energize thrill seekers into the 21st century! Its spectacular scenery and exhilarating lighting draws huge crowds. This fantastic action experience guarantees satisfied customers. Spinning at 24 RPM, The Starship uses centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor, giving them the feeling of weightlessness.

Dollar for Dollar, the best thrill ride value in the amusement business: The Starship features capacity for 45 people. Its fast loading and unloading is capable of handling 1000 riders per hour! Thrill ride connoisseurs of all age will ride the Starship over and over again.

Gravitron Specifications

Ride Type:
Thrill Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
45 passengers / 1000 per hour (approx)
Setup Space:
56' wide / 47' deep
(17.25m wide / 14.25m deep)
220v / 3ph / 12kW

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