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Frog Hopper
The Frog Hopper is leaping its way into the hearts of young and old, with bright colors and clever frog designs inspired by the greatest jungles in the world. Everyone will want to hop along with the troupe of brightly colored tropical frogs as they catch flies buzzing about their lily pond in the rain forest.

The Frog Hopper is a vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride providing a single restraint system for seven riders. The Frog Hopper is fun, has great visual appeal, supports high capacity, utilizes only a small footprint, and is a great way to entertain large numbers of children. With over 240 Frog Hoppers sold around the world, the ride has proven safe and dependable. The 2010 model of the Frog Hopper ride includes enhancements designed to increase the mechanical system redundancy and to provide a single ride design that is compliant with not only ASTM F-24, but also with all international safety codes. The new energy efficient and environmentally friendly LED accent lights draw everyone's eyes to the bright and adorable Frog Hopper ride.

Frog Hopper Specifications

Ride Type:
Kiddie Rides
Base Type:
Portable Mount
7 passengers
210-280 per hour (approx)
Setup Space:
10'3" wide / 10'3" deep / 23'5" tall
(3.1m wide / 3.1m deep / 7.1m tall)
35' long / 8'6" wide / 13' tall
220v / 30a / 1ph

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