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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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The WHIRLWIND has the familiar look of a swing ride, but with an extra special kick that multiplies the fun and excitement. Modeled after the super popular Tornado, it's going to sweep into town and leave a lasting impression.

As the WHIRLWIND reaches its top velocity of 12 revolutions per minute, riders are suspended in mid-air in a whirling furry of excitement. But like its namesake, the WHIRLWIND isn't as predictable as a typical swing ride. Soon the entire ride assembly rises 7 1/2 feet and tilts a full 20 degrees. Riders have the sensation of being picked up in the middle of a twisting wind storm that flings them high into the air and then just as quickly swings them back to earth.

The WHIRLWIND has 12 seats holding either 3 children or 2 adults per seat. All seats are loaded at the same time with a lap bar restraint and for added protection, a heavy duty safety strap. There you have it! Spectacular scenery, brilliant lighting and incredible ride motion, the WHIIRLWIND from Wisdom has it all!

Whirlwind Specifications

Ride Type:
Family Rides
Base Type:
Portable Mount
10 cars / 2 per car
800 per hour (approx)
Setup Space:
55' circle / 27' tall
(16.7m circle / 8.2m tall)
30' long / 8'6" wide / 12'6" tall
17,000lbs GVW (tandem axle)
Pintle Hitch - Elect. or Air Brakes
220v / 3ph / 20kW

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