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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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Spectacular styling and American workmanship have been combined to give you the best ride attraction with AXIS. It's a combination of dashing good looks and rugged, durable construction. The AXIS sparkles with over 1,000 dazzling lights on the sweeps and cars making it one of the brightest attractions on the midway. Six 1,500 watt quartz lights make this ride stand out at night.

The AXIS' improvements have made it one of the most profitable, easy to move rides. The 28' trailer is decked out with aluminum diamond plate for appearance and low maintenance. An oil cooler has been added to extend the life of the hydraulic components. Aluminum fence is always standard. The fiberglass seats are modern and stylish. Running lights on each car will catch every fun enthusiast's eye.

The entire ride is driven by one 20 HP, three phase motor. One hydraulic motor drives a geared slew ring bearing on the center and three hydraulic motors power the tires on friction-drive spindles. This simplifies the hydraulic system and makes operation and repair much easier. The drive accelerates and stops quickly, increasing capacity per hour. The AXIS is a spectacular looking ride built the rugged, easy-to-move Wisdom way.

Axis Specifications

Ride Type:
Family Rides
Base Type:
Portable Mount
Setup Space:
55' circle / 18' tall
(16.8m circle / 5.5m tall)
28' long / 8'6" wide / 13' tall
33,000lbs GVW (single axle - air ride)
220v / 3ph / 30kW

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