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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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Family Sizzler
As soon as your riders climb aboard the Family Sizzler, they’ll know immediately that its name is for real. If the sizzling speed doesn’t give them a clue, the added twirling of the cars certainly will. The operator starts the ride off at a same speed. Of course, the riders expect more to come, and they’re right. The speed is increased, and the real action begins. In seconds, the Family Sizzler is going full tilt.

The entire ride is driven by two 5HP, three-phase motors in the center. The three sweep support wheels power the seat spindles through a friction drive system. This simple drive system makes operation and maintenance easy. The electronic variable speed drive accelerates and stops quickly, increasing capacity per hour. Air unlocking handlebars make for super-fast unloading.

For a compact attraction, the Family Sizzler packs an awesome wallop of adrenaline-pumping excitement.

Family Sizzler Specifications

Ride Type:
Kiddie Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
12 cars / 2 adults or 3 children per car
480-720 per hour (approx)
Setup Space:
37' circle
220v / 3ph / 13kW

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