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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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The most popular attraction at any park or midway has always been the slide. The low maintenance and high profit margin make it an instant hit with owners. Wisdom has designed one of the largest most attractive slides available. The Drag Strip is a modern version of the Giant Slide which is larger, flashier and easy to move . This makes our slide an ideal choice for anyone who wants a high-grossing attraction to fit into their lineup. Kids and adults love the thrilling speed which means once is never enough, and that translates into more profits for you.

The portable version is mounted on two 53 foot trailers and sets up in 10 - 12 hours with 4 men. The two trailers mate together hydraulically and then the upper and lower 50 foot section rolls off each end of the trailer. Once the side by side panels are connected together the center section lifts raising the end of each section. The high end is raised with a hydraulic winch. The steps and side walls fold out quickly.

The slide has heaters mounted under the fiberglass to take care of the condensation for reliable day and night operation.

Dragstrip Specifications

Ride Type:
Family Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
1000-1500 per hour (approx)
Setup Space:
40' wide / 200' deep / 63' tall
(12.1m wide / 62.4m deep / 19.2m tall)
220v / 130a / 3ph

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