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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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The wildly popular Flying Scooter of yore is back with a great updated look. The WIND SURFER is a new ride that is enjoyed by children, teens and families of all types.

This intermediate ride has a super capacity of over 650 per hour. The WIND SURFER has 10 cars that hold 2 passengers per car. Each passenger has their own lapbar seat restraint. Loading is easy with all cars loaded simultaneously. You need only to check that each restraint is fastened.

Each pair of passengers flies their car with the integral wing swooping in and out as the ride spins and tilts. After the ride reaches 10 RPM, the entire ride lifts 7 ½ ft and tilts at 15 degrees. This gives a great visual effect and causes the cars to swing in and out. After about 45 seconds, the ride lowers and the drive smoothly brings the ride to a stop.

The portable model folds up on its main trailer in 2 ½ hours with 2 men.

Great action, great flash, and easy setup make this ride an asset on any amusement park or carnival midway.

Windsurfer Specifications

Ride Type:
Family Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
Setup Space:
60' circle / 27' tall
(18.2m circle / 8.2m tall)
220v / 100a / 3ph / 23kW

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