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If Wisdom Builds It,
It Will Make Money

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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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The VIPER is an exciting new ride that meets every shows needs. High capacity, 24/load, flashy 2000 lights, and beautiful scenery. A fun ride with a very reliable drive system.

The Viper loads all 24 seats at one time. After the bars are lowered, the ride raises, the ends lift and the action starts. When the ride is over, the main arm hydraulically locks in the park position and the main boom lowers. When the boom is down all 24 lapbars release and the passengers exit.

The drives are the proven Tornado air clutch and brake for the spindles and the rugged Himalaya hydraulic drive for the main arm. Both drive systems have given years of trouble free operation. The Viper is sized to fit the modern midway. 60’ diameter fence line is all that is required to set up and operate the Viper.

The Viper has a great visual presence as it raises and spins. The modern flex knuckles are easy to inspect and if needed replaced. The attractive fiberglass cars are easy to maintain and inspect and each passenger has the reliable Moby Dick double lock shoulder bar system.

Viper Specifications

Ride Type:
Thrill Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
220v / 200a / 3ph

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