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If Wisdom Builds It, It Will Make Money

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Mid Size Coaster
The Mid-Size Coasters are a new spectacular attraction for families. The ride is a roller coaster that can be theme to feature elements of a dark ride or themed flume ride. The coaster consists of 5 Cars which can hold 4 adults or 6 teens. All riders are restrained by Wisdom's exclusive ratcheting lapbars.

The cars roll to the unique spiral lift system. As the cars spiral up the people on the ground can see the cars climb to the top of the lift. After the car kicks off it flies through 2 dips right at the front of the attraction and then travels to the back of the ride. The cars then twist and turn finally returning to the loading areas. Safety is paramount with 6 intermediate braking sections automatically controlled by a sensor system, should a car suddenly stop on the track.

Mid Size Coaster Specifications

Ride Type:
Thrill Rides
Base Type:
Permanent Mount
5 cars / 4-6 per car
650 per hour (approx).
Setup Space:
89' wide / 50' deep / 25' tall
(27.1m wide / 15.2m deep / 7.6m tall)
3ph / 21kW

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